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Any Problems or sugestions?

If you have question or problems on XBRL or you find that download link is not working working please leave a comment or email me. I will try my best to solve the problem.


XBRL Journey

Are you new to XBRL world? and don't know from where to start your journey for mastering XBRL?
You have come to right place.

You can follow this step by step or can skip if you  already know it.
(We have complied links from internal as well as external links, if you got some more, mail me)

1st- Watch XBRL basics flash tutorials

2nd- learn XML at w3 schools

3rd - read XBRL Books
XBRL Reference Guide
( Check this blog xbrlbooks.blogspot.com , This offers xbrl books for free even paid one. But you should note, it is illegal site. Rest assured, No one will come to know that you have visited it.)

4th - Study XBRL taxonomy - Indian xbrl Taxonomy 

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