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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Management Representation Letter - XBRL

Download : Management Representation Letter.docx

Sample - Same in word file

Chartered Accountants
We are providing this letter in connection with your engagement to convert the audited financial statements of .......... (the "Company") as of March 31, 20XX, and related financial statement schedules(s) to XBRL financial statements for being furnished by the Company to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs ("MCA') vide their General Circular No. 43/2011 dated July 07, 2011 and also certification of aforementioned XBRL financial statements, prepared from the audited financial statements for the aforesaid period. The term "XBRL-tagged data" in this letter refers to the Company's XBRL instance document, and the related taxonomy extension schema, label linkbase, calculation linkbase, presentation linkbase, and definition linkbase documents, all of which were provided to you on [specify date documents were provided or file names with date(s)].

We confirm that we are responsible for:
a. The XBRL-tagged data relating to above mentioned financial statements (and related financial statement schedule(s)]; the completeness, accuracy, and consistency of our XBRL tagged data; and the related assertions;
b. Identifying the applicable XBRL-tagged data filing requirements, determining that the substance of the XBRL tagged data satisfies the regulatory requirements and filing the XBRL-tagged data in a form and manner that satisfies any regulatory or other requirements of the MCA to which the XBRL-tagged data is to be submitted;
c. The design, implementation, effectiveness, and monitoring of controls over the preparation and tagging of the Company's financial statement data and over the submission of the XBRL tagged data to the MCA;
d. Evaluating and monitoring the completeness, accuracy, and consistency of our XBRL tagged data, including the work performed by any third parties in assisting us with the preparation of our  XBRL tagged data; and
e. Complying with all applicable laws and regulations.

We confirm, to the best of our knowledge and belief, the following representations made to you during your Assistance in XBRL filing engagement:
1. All known matters related to the XBRL data relating to our financial statements or the related assertions have been disclosed to you.
2. We have made available to you all:
a.       Financial records and related data
b.      Documentation relevant to the preparation of the XBRL files, such as [specify documents, e.g., information provided to a third party, tagging worksheets]
c. Output of all validation reports.
3. There have been no communications from regulatory agencies affecting the XBRL tagged data relating to our financial statements referred to above (except for [insert appropriate description])
4. We have no knowledge of any fraud or suspected fraud affecting the entity's XBRL tagged data.
5. We have no knowledge of any significant matters contrary to your findings (except for [insert appropriate description])
6. [Insert any specific representations appropriate for this engagement].
(Name of Chief Executive Officer and Title)
(Name of Chief Financial Officer and Title)

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