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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Changes in Taxonomy

You may wonder what changes were made in the taxonomy?

Here is the answer.

(these Changes were made on August 27, 2011)

Some words of it :-

Details of changes made in taxonomy

1. The following elements which were existing taxonomy, but were not part of presentation
linkbase, are now included in presentation linkbase –


2. The extended links pertaining to Clause 41 of Listing Agreement for quarterly filings have been
removed from the taxonomy. The impact of this change in taxonomy is –
a.  Two extended links are removed from presentation and calculation linkbase files each.
b. Elements specifically created for clause 41 – quarterly format are deleted from schema and
their labels from label linkbase (36 elements)
c.  The label role which was created for capturing the names as provided in clause 41 –
quarterly format (listingAgreementLabel) is no longer relevant and hence is removed. Thus
the “in-gaap” folder would have only two files “in-gaap-2011-03-31.xsd” and “in-gaap-2011-

Complete list of elements deleted are provided in annexure II

3. New elements are defined for the following areas –
a.  In fixed asset schedule, for every individual class of asset, impairment during period and
reversal of impairment during period are included. The presentation and calculation
linkbase is updated accordingly
b. Amortisation for leasehold land and its immediate parent element to be added in taxonomy
c.  For items of expenses like royalty, purchase of finished goods during period, extraordinary
items before tax, prior period items before tax, fringe benefit tax paid and provision for
fringe benefit tax.
Complete list of elements added are provided in annexure I

4. The calculation and presentation relationships in the extended links are modified to define
prior period item, extra-ordinary items before tax. New elements to incorporate this change
have been included in the taxonomy. Thus structure of income statement (both Main as well as
Alternative) is updated to reflect Extraordinary Items and Prior Period items before tax. The tax
effect on Extraordinary items and prior period is included as part of provision for taxation in
extended link [200200] Schedule – Expenditure.

In the extended link [400400] Notes - Prior period and extra-ordinary items, the Net of tax
elements are included.

5. The detailed break up of DTA and DTL is shifted to the extended link [401400] Notes - Deferred
Tax assets and liabilities. Two new extended links are added to reflect the net deferred tax asset
or liability relationship. [401410] Notes - Net Deferred Tax Assets and [401420] Notes - Net
Deferred Tax Liabilities.

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