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Friday, September 2, 2011

XBRL Taxonomy Creation - A complete guide

New book written by XBRL community named "XBRL Taxonomy Creation" is now available for download,
only on XBRL For Indian CA .

This book gives a detailed information about creating XBRL Taxonomy (i.e. ".xsd" file which you have downloaded from MCA website as taxonomy).

It is a must read for person looking for making career in XBRL and understanding XBRL Taxonomy.

About This Book,
The objectives this material is to provide the user with the following:
·  An understanding of the information contained in the XBRL specification for
creating taxonomies.
·  A general understanding of XML Schema.
·  A general understanding of XBRL instance documents.
·  The ability to thoroughly understand the CI taxonomy, which will provide insight
as to how to create other XBRL taxonomies.
·  The ability to create common taxonomy components or “patterns”.
·  The ability to reverse engineer the CI taxonomy components in order to figure out
how to create the more complicated taxonomy components for a taxonomy you
are creating.
·  Provide you with an understanding of the best practices you should consider using
when building a taxonomy.
·  Teach you how to use the XBRL Taxonomy Builder to assist you in creating

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